Sunrise, Fla — Bioheart Inc has announced positive efficacy data reported from the registry study of bone marrow and adipose derived stem cells for the treatment of end stage critical limb ischemia with wounds. Vaclav Prochazka MD, PhD, MSc, of University Hospital Ostrava, Czech Republic presented data at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Conference in Las Vegas last month.

"We are very pleased with the preliminary results of adipose derived cells. This is a continuation of our research of bone marrow derived stem cells. Our results have been published this month in Cell Transplantation," Prochazka said.

The study focuses on end stage patients with severe wounds. Endpoints include elimination of major amputation risk, ankle brachial index, toe pressure, transcutaneous oxygen pressure, and quality of life. Prochazka presented results of a clinical study with bone marrow derived cells and preliminary follow up of the adipose registry study.

Seventy-five percent of patients presented with healing and pain reduction while only twenty-five percent of the patients required major limb amputation due to disease progression. Autologous adult bone marrow derived stem cells (BMSCs) and adipose tissue derived stem cell (ADSCs) can help to produce angiogenesis or formation of new blood vessels as well as assist in the healing process. There were no reported deaths or severe adverse events demonstrating the safety of the products.

Mike Tomas, President and CEO of Bioheart stated, "We are very excited to offer new hope to patients with critical limb ischemia. Being able
to prevent amputation in 75% of these patients demonstrates the true healing effect of adipose derived stem cells."

SOURCE: Bioheart