The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has launched the Health IT Dashboard. The Health IT Dashboard has been established to present key information about the strategy of ONC, its health care innovation grants programs, and available research data tracking the nationwide adoption of health care IT.

"The release of the Health IT Dashboard is a significant milestone and we are glad to welcome the Web site as a tool for delivering key data to ONC’s stakeholders and the interested public." said Victor Lazzaro, ONC’s performance officer and director for the Health IT Dashboard projects.

The Dashboard uses an interactive package of technologies that allow ONC stakeholders to map, chart, and access the agency’s data. Currently, the Health IT Dashboard has summary of information about all ONC grant programs and detailed presentations of performance data for the Health IT Regional Extension Centers and Community College Consortia to Educate Health IT Professionals programs.

Recently upgraded, the Health IT Dashboard now includes over 150 maps presenting ONC data at state, county, and grantee geographic boundaries. Coming to the site later in June, ONC researchers and the ONC State Health Information Exchange Program will publish an electronic health record (EHR) and health information exchange (HIE) dashboard including more state-level maps, charts, and data sets that describe trends in physician and hospital utilization of health IT.

Source: ONC