Perlegen Sciences, which develops genetic tests that correlate genetic variation to disease risk and drug response, announced today that its BREVAGen™ breast cancer risk stratification test is now clinically available in select US markets.

Perlegen plans to add sales areas to make the test available nationwide over the next few months.

Perlegen designed the BREVAGen™ test to provide a better assessment of breast cancer risk for women whose clinical history puts them at intermediate risk of developing the disease. From a blood sample, the test detects the absence or presence of certain common genetic variations (single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs) associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, then combines an analysis of these SNPs with factors from the patient’s clinical history to deliver actionable results for five-year and lifetime risk.

“Perlegen is proud to offer the BREVAGen™ test as an enhancement to the current standard in breast cancer risk evaluation,” said Bryan Walser, MD, CEO of Perlegen. “Developed from our studies of genetic and clinical data from tens of thousands of women, the BREVAGen™ test will give physicians a valuable tool for assessing an individual woman’s risk of developing breast cancer and recommending appropriate next steps. We look forward to seeing the test implemented, both immediately to give physicians and patients more clarity as they consider additional screening options or prophylactic anti-estrogen drugs for breast cancer prevention, and ultimately to save lives and better allocate medical resources.”

Source: Perlegen Sciences