Puritan Medical Products’ manufacturing facility in Guilford, Maine.

Puritan Medical Products LLC has been known throughout the world as the leading innovative manufacturer of diagnostic, medical, forensic and critical environment collection devices since 1919.

All products conform to the strictest quality standards and are manufactured, packaged and shipped from Puritan’s state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008-registered manufacturing facility in Guilford, Maine.

Puritan’s development team continues to introduce innovative products to the market. Patent-pending PurFlock® Ultra and HydraFlock® swabs are known for exceptional specimen collection and elution properties. Undeniably, these flock swabs outperform the competition. A wide array of products are available at Puritan — including foam, cotton, rayon, and polyester-tipped applicators, Puritan DNA-free swabs, and the Self-Saturating Popule®.

Unsurpassed in the diagnostic field for consistent quality — repeatable results — and dependable product availability, Puritan stays tuned into the diagnostic/health care world. By working closely with customers, they develop products to meet the emerging needs of this very demanding market.

EnviroMax® and ESK environmental surface testing products represent the latest line of liquid transport devices available at Puritan. These products serve the growing needs of the food safety and manufacturing industry, as well as cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies — virtually any industry requiring surface testing and validation for a wide range of contaminants or pathogens.

Scheduled for release in early 2012 is the clinical diagnostic line of products — Liquid Amies and UTM (universal transport media) liquid transport devices. Developed on site in Puritan’s own microbiology lab, these medium combined with PurFlock Ultra or HydraFlock swabs, will offer unparalled performance for diagnostic testing.

Customization is what sets Puritan apart from the rest by creating the best single-use products for reliable specimen collection and accurate diagnosis.

Puritan now offers custom media filling and packaging for a variety of collection devices with a multitude of tip configurations, available sterile or non-sterile. Utilizing its team of in-house engineers, Puritan develops new, custom and innovative devices faster than its competitors, swiftly bringing reliable products to market. And unlike them, Puritan manufactures all products in the United States. This simply means better availability, tighter quality control and reliable shipping and delivery.

Not only is Puritan responsive to the individual needs of its customers, but is acutely aware of the need to protect the natural environment. Because it operates on 100% renewable energy for heat, hot water and all manufacturing processes, being energy efficient saves resources and money for not only Puritan but ultimately its customers. Utilizing safer materials, safer manufacturing processes, and reducing waste are all cost-effective means to provide immediate, positive results for the entire supply chain.


31 School St
PO Box 149
Guilford, ME 04443-0149
(800) 321-2313 (US and Canada)
(207) 876-3311 (outside US and Canada)