Customizable mobile technology cart

Anthro Corp, Tualatin, Ore, introduces Convoi, a new mobile technology cart with mobility on 5-inch directional locking casters. Featuring various widths, heights, and adjustable shelf height within the unit, it provides flexibility for use in smaller spaces. Users can create custom cart solutions, starting with a basic frame and building on to suit specific needs, choosing from a variety of shelf types, including a wood cap shelf, a tilt shelf, a metal shelf, an inboard shelf, or a base shelf. Additional add-on options include handles, cable management, LCD support, power options, a cable shroud, and a keyboard support. External dimensions range from 20 to 36 inches wide x 20 to 40 inches high x 22 inches deep.

Anthro Corp
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Hot Hand Protector

No-slip grip mitt

The Hot Hand® Protector, a no-slip grip mitt from Bel-Art Products, Pequannock, NJ, is now available in lime green, red, and sky blue. It is used for handling objects such as beakers, flasks, and bottles at extreme hot or cold temperatures. The mitt comes in one size, 10 x 19 cm (3 7/8 x 7 ½ inches) with a quick fit pocket at each end—one for the thumb, and one for the other fingers. Concaved tipped studs on the surface provide a secure grip. Made of silicone rubber, it can withstand temperatures as high as 260°C (500°F) and remains flexible at temperatures as low as -57°C (-70°F).

Bel-Art Products
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Devoted to water-purification products

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milford, Mass, releases the new Thermo Scientific Waterbook, which showcases the company’s portfolio of laboratory water-purification products. The 76-page Waterbook includes a comprehensive introduction to lab water impurities and purification technologies, as well as a section devoted to helping customers identify purification products uniquely designed to support their specific scientific application needs. System specifications and features are outlined in simple-to-read “quick look” comparison tables. Product information is structured for easy identification of system options and either required or optional accessories. A “green” section highlights smart system designs, and a support and maintenance section explains validation and calibration options.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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