photo The QuickVue H. pylori gII test rapidly detects H. pylori bacterial antibodies in 50µL of serum, plasma or whole blood in five minutes.
     The test for whole blood is waived while the ones for plasma and serum are moderately complex.
     External positive and negative controls are included in the kit which has a shelf life of 12 months at room temperature.
     More than 25 million Americans suffer from peptic ulcers, and it is estimated that $6 billion is spent annually on its treatment. H. pylori causes an estimated 90 percent of duodenal ulcers and more than 80 percent of gastric ulcers. Testing for and treating it with antiobiotics is currently the lowest cost, most effective option.
     The kit is available in a 10-test and a 30-test kit. Reimbursement runs from $18 to $36.
Quidel Corp.
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