sl01.JPG (13031 bytes)The Directigen EZ RSV test is now available in a new, improved format that uses only one reagent (the extraction reagent) and one device to perform the test. An elongated, triangular device is used with the addition of lateral flow technology, in which dried reagents have already been applied to the testing strip allowing the elimination of some previously required reagent steps.
     The test provides clear-cut results when an easy-to-read double line appears, indicating a positive result for RSV and the appearance of the control line.
     Results are available within 15 minutes of sample addition. Respiratory specimens suitable for this test include nasopharyngeal washes, aspirates and swabs.
     The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of a rapid RSV antigen detection test prior to treatment with ribavirin.
     Rapid RSV diagnosis minimizes unnecessary costs associated with ribavirin therapy, including administration and extended patient isolation.
     Respiratory Syncytial Virus is the single most important respiratory pathogen in infancy and early childhood. According to the NIH, each year up to 125,000 infants are hospitalized due to severe RSV disease; and about 1-2% of these infants die. Infants born prematurely, those with chronic lung disease, those who are immunocompromised, and those with certain forms of heart disease are at increased risk for severe RSV disease. Those who are exposed to tobacco smoke, who attend daycare, who live in crowded conditions, or have school-age siblings are also at higher risk.
Keywords: point of care, rapid test, RSV