photoUsing the RPR QuickTest, lab professionals quickly can distinguish whether a specimen is reactive or non-reactive for Reagin, an anti-lipoidal antibody found in people with syphilis and other infections.
    When a specimen contains Reagin, the carbon particles in the test’s suspension are identified as black clumps. With results in eight minutes, the kit can be useful in busy labs that need to make accurate evaluations in a short amount of time.
    The kit’s charcoal flocculation slide test is designed for the qualitative and quantitative determination of Reagin antibodies in serum or plasma associated with syphilis.
    The kit contains RPR antigen suspension, RPR reactive control, RPR weakly reactive control, RPR non-reactive control, pipette/mixers, needle, dispensing bottle and test card. Reagents are color-coded for quicker identification, and the antigen suspension comes in an easy-to-use screw cap bottle, eliminating the need to break an ampule. Kits are packaged in 100- and 500-test sizes.
Stanbio Laboratory
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