pn01.jpg (11076 bytes)The liquid-to-air Model 3370 Recirculator is designed to remove heat loads from sensitive laboratory equipment and processes. It has a 13,640-BTU cooling capacity at 20°C (68°F) and can handle liquid temperatures as high as 77°C (170°F). It offers cost savings over mechanically refrigerated circulators in applications where cooling fluid temperatures are above ambient and temperature control is not required.
     The Model 3370’s positive displacement pump circulates fluid at up to 5.6 Lpm (1.5 gpm) to the equipment, back into a reservoir, and through a fan-cooled radiator that removes heat. A built-in low-liquid–level indicator safeguards the reservoir and circulation system. The pump and cooling system are further protected with reusable filters.
     This compact recirculator measures 15" x 15" x 25" (38 x 38 x 63.5 cm) and requires only slightly more than 1-1/2 square feet of floor or bench space.