For Lab Week, in an American Medical Technologists blog post,  Kathy L. Sutton, MT(AMT), MLS(ASCP) brings attention to and celebrates the importance of laboratory professionals’ knowledge, skill, and expertise, providing measurable data to improve patients’ diagnosis and treatment.

What a year 2020 was for health care! And the remarkable changes continue into 2021.This year, let’s celebrate medical laboratory professionals and bring the public’s perception of them into the limelight, especially during Medical Laboratory Professionals Recognition Week: the annual celebration of the vital role lab professionals play in health care.

Despite the new spotlight on the lab with the explosive growth of COVID-19 testing, very few people understand the unique combination of knowledge and skills of those who work in the medical laboratory.

Accurate Results

Day in and day out, year after year, the laboratory scientist confirms the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment with accurate test results for the patient, but not even everyone on the health care team knows how those results come about.

The principles of laboratory tests are not part of the curriculum of medical school or nursing programs. After completing their specialized education, laboratory professionals further their competencies through both formal learning years of practice. Personal qualities that good laboratorians bring is attention to detail and adherence to standardized practice, which results in accurate test results.

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