d02a.jpg (8029 bytes)Roche Diagnostics has introduced a new feature to its Accu-Chek Inform system that is designed to increase work flow and efficiency. The new Other Test Entry (OTE) function for the Accu-Chek point-of-care blood glucose meter allows operators to enter information for six common manual point-of-care tests: visual urinalysis, rapid drugs of abuse, fecal occult blood, rapid streptococcus, gastric occult blood, and pregnancy.
     When using the Accu-Chek Inform system with Roche Diagnostics hospital connectivity, test results, quality control results, test kit lot numbers, and patient and operator identification numbers can be sent to the data manager and then transferred to a hospital information system.
     The new feature, which allows electronic documentation of information that is traditionally recorded in manual logs, facilitates cost capture for six common tests. The system’s onboard bar-code scanner captures patient identification numbers to reduce patient ID errors.
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