photo The Introcan Safety IV Catheter automatically engages a metal safety guard that shields the needle tip when the needle bevel exits the catheter hub, without healthcare workers changing their technique.
     The products could help eliminate close to 50,000 accidental needlestick injuries faced by healthcare workers each year, those from hollow-bore IV needles that could be filled with blood containing bloodborne pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis B and C.
     Conventional safety IV products can require healthcare workers to change their technique or remember to retract or sheathe contaminated needles. This product’s passive design eliminates the risk of inadvertent activation because the safety mechanism cannot be bypassed.
     In addition to the patent-pending safety-clip design, the catheter allows pre-attachment of a syringe to the IV catheter, without compromising the passive safety mechanism.
     The product is compatible with syringes with luer connections and can ensure smooth insertion with a push-off plate that facilitates a single-handed technique. Striped, radiopaque material enables visualization of flashback throughout the catheter during insertion. A sharp needle bevel and rounded catheter tip ensure smooth venipunctures.
     This product is available in both FEP and polyurethane, with wings or without, gauge sizes 24-14 and lengths 3/4" to 2".
B. Braun Medical Inc.
Keyword: sharp, safety