The Wellcolex Color Salmonella rapid latex test can be used directly on primary plate colonies or enrichment broth on Day 2 of testing.
     Since most stool samples tested for Salmonella are negative, negative results on Day 2 of testing can eliminate the need for further testing. In addition, multiple colonies can be pooled and screened in a single reaction, reducing multiple testing and associated cost.
     The latex test incorporates red, blue and green latex particles sensitized with antibodies to different groups, giving serogroup identification in a single test. Using an assay that has a high Negative Predictive Value (99.7 percent) and Positive Predictive Value (99.3 percent) can provide confidence that test results are accurate.
     The 50-test kit size comes with a positive control. Sensitivity and specificity are 100 percent and 99.2 percent, respectively from primary plate cultures, 100 percent and 100 percent from enrichment broth subcultures, and 94.2 percent and 99.7 percent from Selenite broths.
Keyword: assay, Salmonella