productThe Sickle-Chex Soluability Kit is a diagnostic test kit to screen patient samples for sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait. This kit quickly detects the presence or absence of sickling hemoglobins in patient samples.
     Each kit contains 100 tests, two squeezable 100ml bottles of solubility buffer, two buffer dispensing caps and two vials of reagent powder. The squeezable buffer bottles and test rack eliminate pipetting requirements. Each test requires 2ml of reconstituted solubility buffer and 20ml of anti-coagulated whole blood or sickle cell hemoglobin control.
     Each bottle of solubility buffer will run 50 tests and has an open-vial stability of 45 days when stored at 2º-10ºC. Unopened kit components are stable for 12 months when stored at this same temperature range.
Streck Laboratories 
Keywords: sickle cell, screening