June 20, 2007

Siemens Medical Solutions USA, and Partners HealthCare have reached an agreement to collaborate on advanced technologies for health care information technology (IT). The two organizations will work jointly on further development of innovative service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure in health care IT.
Leveraging both organizations’ domain expertise in technology and in health care, as well as their long-standing relationship focused on medical imaging, the alliance will result in extraordinary benefits for the healthcare IT field. Siemens and Partners will leverage their respective areas of expertise to jointly develop clinical services within the Soarian SOA platform.

Siemens has been extensively engaged in developing SOA—a robust, flexible architectural design strategy that is being deployed across its Soarian suite of applications. Soarian was designed with a workflow orientation that manages not just transactions and data, but also the process of health care and the interactions between members of the care team.

For more information, visit Siemens’ Web site.