Diagnostic Biosystems (DBS), a specialty immunohistochemistry (IHC) reagent company, announces the availability of products for clinical use in the US.

Founded in 1994 as a life science supplier of novel, high quality IHC products in over 45 countries, DBS introduces a complete selection of IVD labeled staining reagents suitable for manual and automated staining platforms. DBS offers IVD labeled concentrated and pre-diluted ready-to-use primary antibodies and immunostaining detection systems for rabbit and mouse antibodies: advanced biotin-free polymer systems as well as traditional streptavidin-biotin systems labeled with horseradish peroxidase or alkaline phosphatase.

Unique to the Diagnostic Biosystems offering are antibody cocktails and proprietary chromogens for multicolor staining, focused on improving sensitivity and defining morphology on one tissue section for potentially cancerous cells. Novel antibodies and multi-stain products include:

  • PIN4
  • DOG-1
  • Napsin A
  • OCT4
  • PermaRed/AP-Auto
  • PermaBlue/AP
  • PermaGreen/AP
  • Stable DAB/Plus

“Diagnostic Biosystems is focused on developing clinically relevant, IVD labeled products for pathologists in the US. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality reagents for clinical labs. We understand high quality staining is the key to better diagnosis by Pathologists. We are committed to improving immunostaining one slide at a time," said:  Bipin Gupta, PhD, President & CEO. 
Source: Diagnostic Biosystems