productThe NAC-PAC Red AFB processing system was designed to simplify the processing of clinical specimens for the isolation of AFB. Each NAC-PAC Red AFB processing system is supplied with five ampules of premeasured NALC and five bottles of premixed and filtered NaOH/Tri Sodium citric acid/pH indicator solution. The NAC-PAC Red incorporates a pH indicator, allowing the laboratory to visually monitor and adjust the pH to a neutral range immediately following the addition of the buffering reagents. This controlled pH timing can reduce die-off of the Mycobacteria spp. and results in a pH-controlled pellet ready for processing to automated rapid detection systems or traditional culture methods.
     The components of this system are ready for immediate, one-step processing of clinical specimens for AFB isolation. Variable concentrations of the NaOH/TSCA are available, allowing the laboratory to use the concentration best suited to its patient population, and to keep break-through bacteria contamination within acceptable prescribed standards.
AlphaTec Systems
Keywords: microbiology, mycobacteria