Registration is still open for LabCompete Strategies for 2007, a conference dealing with how labs can compete and gain market share in the changing environment. The event will take place December 6-8, in Chandler, Ariz.

Before last month, Quest Diagnostics performed tests for approximately 550,000 patients each day. Now, LabCorp has expanded its role in the industry with its 10-year, $3-billion contract with United Healthcare Insurance Company. The conference is attempting to help people in the industry adapt to the new developments and succeed in the new market.

There are several workshops that will deal with finance plans and running a lab efficiently, as well as a keynote presentation titled,, “Where is Your Lab Going Now That It’s Faced With A Duopoly?” from David Nichols, president of The Nichols Management Group.

Continuing education credits are available for attendees. More information can be found at the Web site, www.g2reports.com/labcompete07.