photoSynovialscopics is a Synovial Fluid Control for monitoring total cell counts. It is used with a hemocytometer to validate quantification of red and white blood cells in patient synovial fluid samples.
     The control aids in the identification of crystals (pyrophosphate and/or urate) in synovial fluid, which can indicate certain rheumatic pathologies. Evaluating cell counts and crystals provides information about infection and inflammation of the joint spaces. The total cell counts are performed in a counting chamber using undiluted synovial fluid. Crystal identification is achieved using light and polarized light microscopy.
      This liquid control consists of a human protein matrix requiring no reconstitution or dilution. It has a 12-month unopened or open vial refrigerated stability and one-month unopened or open vial room temperature stability.
     The cap with an attached dropper makes measuring easier and a clear plastic bottle allows clinicians to see how much is on hand. It is supplied in two levels, to meet CLIA regulations, and is available in 1.5mL plastic bottles, with two levels to a box.
     A comparative database QC program, Quantrol, is available for this product. Free monthly reports allow each lab to monitor test performance and analyzer trends.
Quantimetrix Corp.
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