photoThe transferrin assay test kit is for the quantitative determination of transferrin in serum.
     Transferrin, the major iron-carrying glycoprotein in blood plasma, is synthesized mainly in liver. Its molecular weight is 80kDa. The molecule is divided into two domains, each containing one metal-binding site. Iron is one of the most important metals bound by transferrin in vivo. Clinical evaluation of transferrin levels helps diagnosis anemia and monitor its treatment.
     This turbidimetric immunoassay mixes sample with buffer and antiserum. Transferrin in the sample combines specifically with anti-human transferrin antibodies in antiserum to yield an insoluble aggregate that causes increased turbidity. The degree of turbidity can be measured optically, proportional to the amount of transferrin in the sample.
     The total precision studies give a 1.8 percent CV and 1.6 percent CV at mean concentrations of 79 and 555mg/dL, respectively. The linearity of the assay is up to 700 mg/dL with a lower limit of detection 4 mg/dL.
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