AndrewsI recently attended my first industry trade show, and I was impressed by the sheer number of clinical diagnostic laboratory products displayed. Visiting the various booths was a learning experience that I found exhilarating and inspiring. I met some of you at the show, and I want to thank you again for being so welcoming and eager to talk to me about important industry concerns as well as the new and innovative products on display at the show.

Many of you asked me about my plans for CLP, and I found myself thinking about the importance of teamwork. I explained that I wanted to build on the fine reputation established by my predecessors, ensuring that CLP maintains its position as the standard for useful information on products for the clinical laboratory. CLP will address the critical issues facing the clinical lab industry: safety, the shortage of labor, error reduction, and the need to improve productivity. In addition, we’ll continue to publish monthly features on disease management and point-of-care issues. And, as always, our main focus will remain on the new products and technology for the clinical laboratory. CLP will continue to be your most reliable source for news about the latest clinical lab products.

On the other hand, there will be some changes in the magazine—you’ve already seen some of the design changes, for example. However, major changes in editorial content will be made based only on input from you, our readers. And that brings me to why I kept thinking about teamwork: I’m inviting each of you to be a part of my editorial team. Let me know what you like, but equally important, tell me what you don’t like. What would you like to read about? Which issues should we address? Which features are most useful to you? What can we do to make your job easier?

My son’s basketball teams have taught me a lot about the importance of teamwork. The players on his AAU club team have varying degrees of talent and commitment, but when they play as a team, it’s a thing of beauty. They look to pass the ball when necessary, they ask each other for help, and they get it. It is a championship team. On the other hand, my son’s freshman high school team is made up of superstar athletes who have not learned the importance of playing as a team. They lose more games than they win because they don’t take advantage of what each player has to offer. During one game, the coach looked at his green-clad team and said, “When y’all run down the court, you don’t see no green except the green you’re wearing!” His team still doesn’t get the message, but I do. Without teamwork you can be a star; with teamwork you can be a champion. Call 310/642-4400, ext 333, fax 310/641-0790, or email me at [email protected].  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Carol Andrews