Test strips help verify that bleach solutions meet the 0.525% threshold for disinfection. Bleach solutions mixed in-house can deteriorate quickly if, for example, they are exposed to heat, light, air, or organic contaminants, or if busy lab staff forgets to mix bleach. Another example occurs if the concentrated gallon of bleach used to mix bleach in-house is old or weak; the resulting 1:10 solution can be lower than disinfection strength. With test strips, safety is improved because the strength of the bleach solution is monitored before use. consist of a plastic strip with a chemical-reaction pad that changes from white to orange when dipped into a bleach solution with adequate concentration. These indicator strips use a simple dip method, requiring only 60 seconds before the user can compare them to a color chart. If color comparison indicates the solution is greater than .525% (5250 ppm), the user does not have to remix bleach, which saves time. Bleach solutions that meet the standard are not thrown out. This ensures disinfection, reduces waste, and improves the environment. If color comparison indicates efficacy less than .525%, the bleach solution should be discarded because it is not strong enough to disinfect.

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