Certified Reference Materials

UV linearity reference sets extended

Starna Scientific, Atascadero, Calif, extends the absorbance-scale range of its potassium dichromate linearity set of Certified Reference Materials to make multipoint linearity checks across the UV absorbance range. Starna’s new potassium dichromate linearity offering requires no preparation time and has been created to prove the linearity of the spectrophotometer UV absorbance scale up to 3.5 A using a range of 0 to 240 mg/L solutions. The company’s Certified Reference Materials provide a convenient and recognized validation method. Full documentation on measurement, handling, and storage is also provided with each set of CRMs.

Starna Scientific
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DRI Oxycodone Enzyme Immunoassay

Qualitative and semiquantitative determination of oxycodone

Beckman Coulter Inc, Fullerton, Calif, expands its drugs-of-abuse test menu to include a new DRI Oxycodone Enzyme Immunoassay (OXYX). The assay is for the qualitative and semiquantitative determination of oxycodone and its metabolite, oxymorphone, in human urine. Reagents and calibrators for the DRI Oxycodone assay are liquid and ready to use, which eliminates the need for mixing, hydrating, or prediluting reagents before testing. Drugs of Abuse Test (DAT) assays, available through Beckman Coulter, are specifically engineered, formulated, and packaged to provide the critical elements of effective DAT analysis—speed, accuracy, ease of use, and economy.

Beckman Coulter Inc
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STaK-Chex Plus Retics

Nucleated red blood cell parameter added

Streck, Omaha, Neb, adds the nucleated red blood cell parameter to its five-part white blood cell differential control for evaluating the accuracy and precision of the Beckman Coulter® LH 700 series hematology instruments. STaK-Chex® Plus Retics is the first fully integrated control on the market for Beckman Coulter instruments. It is a five-part WBC differential control, automated retic control, and nucleated red blood cell control all in one that provides stable and consistent values throughout the 14-day open-vial and 105-day closed-vial dating. Its 4.5-mL pierceable-cap vial is bar coded and compatible with all instruments. An assay disk is also available. STATS®, a free interlaboratory quality control program, is offered to qualifying customers.

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