QIAsafe DNA Blood Products

Store blood samples longer at room temperature

QIAGEN, San Diego, launches new QIAsafe DNA blood products, providing the first dry blood storage available on a matrix based on Biomatrica’s SampleMatrix technology. The new technology simplifies transport and storage of blood samples at room temperature by forming protective seals around DNA, and allows for safe, long-term preservation of DNA in blood samples at room temperature. Storage of blood samples on a matrix can result in significantly higher yields of DNA when compared to conventional long-term room temperature storage methods. Samples can be recovered by simple hydration, followed by purification of DNA for use in downstream applications.

(800) 426-8157; www.ojagen.com

INTROL Thrombosis Genotype Panel

Quality controls for thrombotic risk

Maine Molecular Quality Controls Inc (MMQCI), Scarborough, Me, now provides extractable quality controls for Factor II, Factor V, and MTHFR in one multiplex control panel. INTROL Thrombosis Genotype Panel (p/n: G123) contains all genotypes of interest for molecular diagnosis of thrombotic risk—Wild type, heterozygous, and homozygous mutant for Factor V Leiden (G1691A); Factor II G20210A and MTHFR C677T; and A1298C— in one set of three bottles. Each bottle contains all three gene segments. All INTROL products are extractable and monitor the entire assay as required by regulations and best practice. The controls are ideal for routine quality control, lot-to-lot comparisons, and new method validations.

(207) 885-1072; www.mmqci.com