Lyphochek Diabetes Control

New analyte claim for total hemoglobin

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, Hercules, Calif, has added a new analyte claim for Total Hemoglobin in Lyphochek Diabetes Control. Chemistry instrument methodologies measure total hemoglobin and hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c) in g/dL, and then calculate % HbA1c. This control is designed to monitor all associated values generated by these non-HPLC methodologies. This product is human blood based and designed for multiple methods and instruments. As a third-party control, Bio-Rad’s Lyphochek Diabetes Control is not optimized for just one method or instrument and provides an unbiased assessment of any testing system. It can help detect changes in assay performance, thus improving the quality of test results. The Unity Interlaboratory Program is available for use with this product. Unity Real Time, a complete data-management software system designed to improve the effectiveness of quality control processes, is also available.

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc
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Enzymatic Creatinine Reagent

Fast reaction, high specificity

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Pittsburgh, has received FDA 510(K) clearance for its new liquid stable Enzymatic Creatinine Reagent. Creatinine is freely filtered at the glomerulus, and elevated serum or plasma levels are associated with impaired renal function. This enzymatic creatinine has a high specificity for creatinine, so it overcomes many of the interference problems associated with the widely used kinetic jaffe reagent (KJR). The reagent utilizes a peroxidase 4-aminoantypyrine indicator system, so it is suited for automated analyzers. Fast reaction kinetics means that results are available quickly, providing the laboratory with the option of confirming a KJR result or a reliable alternative in those clinical situations where it is likely that compounds known to interfere with the KJR are present in the sample. The reagent is stable for at least 15 months, linear to 150mg/dL.

Thermo Scientific
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Application Note for Gene Silencing

For high gene silencing efficiency in Jurkat cells

Eppendorf North America Inc, Westbury, NY, has introduced a new application note that describes electroporation as a tool for gene silencing. Small interfering RNA (siRNA) is used for the transfection of Jurkat cells. The efficient transfer of siRNA into cells is a prerequisite for a successful gene silencing approach. This protocol describes how to determine the best electroporation conditions (voltage and pulse duration) and the optimum concentration of siRNA. A high transfection rate and minimum cell damage result in a silencing efficiency of 85%. For the electroporation experiments, the Eppendorf Multiporator and Eppendorf hypoosmolar electroporation buffer were used. The Multiporator applies extremely short electric pulses (high cell survival rate) while the hypoosmolar buffer has a low conductivity. The application note can be downloaded from the support section of the company’s Web site.

Eppendorf North America
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Iron-SL Reagent

Shelf life doubled to 24 months

Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd, Oxford, Conn, has announced that its liquid stable Iron-SL reagent has had its product shelf life claim extended from 12 months to 24 months from date of manufacture. This product shelf life will benefit medical laboratory professionals in commercial reference, veterinary testing, hospital, and physician’s office laboratories alike, because concerns involving ordering frequency and inventory management are reduced. The two-part, liquid-stable Iron-SL reagent incorporates the Ferene methodology to determine concentrations of the analyte in serum. In addition to the extended shelf life, the reagent employs proprietary stabilizing components for improved calibration and onboard stability.

Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd
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Trilevel linearity material

Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd, Oxford, Conn, offers DC-Lineate, a unique trilevel linearity material used in conjunction with assays for the quantitative determination of unsaturated iron binding capacity levels in clinical samples. The availability of these materials, suitable for use on a number of clinical chemistry instrument platforms, will benefit medical laboratory professionals working in hospital, physician’s office, and reference laboratories, as well as veterinary testing and life science research facilities.

These combined human and bovine serum-based lyophilized materials are available in kit format, packaged in a 2 x 5 mL configuration for each of the three levels. The materials are supplied preassayed, with analyzer-specific values for a number of instrument platforms, including chemistry systems available from Beckman Coulter, Olympus, Roche, and Hitachi.

Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd
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Para-Pak EcoFix and EcoStain

Mercury-free stool transport system

Meridian Bioscience Inc, Cincinnati, a manufacturer of microbiology and serology products, has presented Para-Pak EcoFix and EcoStain. The Para-Pak EcoFix is a one-vial stool transport system. Direct examination, concentration, and permanent stain may be performed from the EcoFix preserved specimen. This formalin and mercury-free transport provides an excellent environment for the recovery of eggs and cysts in the concentration procedure. The two work together to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to parasitology needs.

Meridian Bioscience Inc
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PhotonicFlow System

Lab-on-a-chip eliminates need for readout systems

Bioident Technologies Inc, Menlo Park, Calif, has announced a complete, functional lab-on-a-chip system—the PhotonicFlow System. The system is based on the company’s PhotonicLab Platform, which combines printed semiconductors with various lab-on-chip technologies. The new components of the system are the handheld device controller for electronic readout of the signals from the photodetector and the readout software for analytics and calibration. This new prototype eliminates the need for large, expensive, external readout systems and opens up new opportunities for applications in medical in vitro diagnostics, chemical and biological threat detection, and water testing. The platform uses printed semiconductor-based technology to print light detection and electronics capabilities directly onto any surface, including glass and plastic materials, enabling on-chip analysis and diagnostics. In addition, the company uses existing assays and reagents and established testing protocols to deliver real-time and in-situ multiparameter detection capabilities for all categories of chemical and biological analytes.

Bioident Technologies Inc
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Formalin-free fixative

FineFIX, by Milestone Medical, Shelton, Conn, is an efficient formalin-free fixative for routine histological applications and molecular analysis. FineFIX is a water-based concentrate that, when diluted with ethanol, allows a laboratory to overcome the drawbacks commonly associated with the use of pure ethanol or ethanol-based fixatives. It has been extensively tested in major hospital laboratories to ensure its suitability for routine H&E, IHC, and histochemical staining. It provides preservation of tissue antigens, nuclear and cytoplasmic morphology, and reduced lysis of red blood cells with the preservation of cytoplasmic membranes. It is suited for both rapid microwave and conventional fixation procedures.

Milestone Medical
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