HIV Assay

Detects HIV antigens and antibodies

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, Hercules, Calif, has received premarket application approval from the FDA for its fourth-generation HIV assay, the GS HIV Combo Ag/Ab EIA (enzyme immunoassay). The assay detects HIV antigens and HIV antibodies, offering early detection of HIV infections, including acute HIV infections. The GS HIV Combo Ag/Ab EIA is an enzyme immunoassay kit for the simultaneous qualitative detection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV Type 1 (HIV-1 groups M and O) and HIV Type 2 (HIV-2) in human serum or plasma. The kit is intended to be used as an aid in the diagnosis of infection of HIV-1 and/or HIV-2 in adults and children as young as 2 years of age. The kit can run on Bio-Rad’s EVOLIS system, a self-contained automated microplate processor, and the kits may also be used with manual testing systems.

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc
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M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase

Broad thermostable activity

Bioneer Inc, Alameda, Calif, introduces RocketScript™, an M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase thermostable up to 70°C. AccuPower RocketScript RT PreMix contains Bioneer’s engineered M-MLV reverse transcriptase, RocketScript. RocketScript has broad thermostable activity (42°C~70°C), allowing efficient cDNA synthesis from virtually any RNA. The lyophilized PreMix contains all components necessary for a successful reverse transcription reaction, including RTase, RNase inhibitor, and buffer components. Just add template RNA, primers, and water, and the RT reaction is ready to go.

Bioneer Inc
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Immobilized Monomeric Avidin Resin

Purification of biotinylated proteins

The Immobilized Monomeric Avidin Resin from G-Biosciences, St Louis, is designed for the simple purification of biotinylated proteins, antibodies, and other molecules under physiological conditions. The resin consists of monomeric subunits of avidin covalently coupled to 6% cross-linked agarose, offering a stable, reusable resin. The Immobilized Monomeric Avidin has a lower biotin-binding affinity compared to streptavidin and avidin, allowing for elution of molecules with mild elution buffers (2mM D-Biotin in 1X PBS), as opposed to routinely used strong denaturing buffers. The covalent immobilization to the agarose ensures no detectable leaching of the avidin and offers a wide tolerance to chemicals. This guarantees the resin can be reused at least 10 times with no loss of function.

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