Thermal Gradient Inc, a developer of disposable DNA testing devices, has initiated the manufacture of its next generation device. Robert Juncosa, the company’s chief technology officer stated, "Our previous generation device was a huge success. It performs PCR, the critical step in almost all DNA tests, in less than eight minutes. This new device is capable of real-time PCR, a process used to determine the amount of initial DNA being tested. This is very important when testing for infectious diseases like HIV."

Because of design improvements over the previous generation, the new device is expected to perform better but will cost less to manufacture.

"Our recent breakthroughs and this new device position us as the premier technology for both point of care and high throughput clinical laboratory testing," says CEO Joel Grover. "Because of our speed, low cost, and fundamental design, the hardware module required to perform a quantitative DNA test is small. This makes it easily scalable to achieve high throughput systems in a modest instrument footprint."

The company will begin testing the new devices in the third quarter.

Source: Thermal Gradient