Thermo Fisher Scientific jointly introduces the new Capit-All™ IS Automated Capper/Decapper with The Automation Partnership, at LabAutomation 2010.

The high-throughput instrument can de-cap or re-cap an entire rack of samples in less than ten seconds. Secure capping is ensured as each tube is individually sealed by its own separate clutch mechanism to the optimal torque, while all 96 caps are secured simultaneously for fast, quality capping. The incorporation of an automated drip tray and a vacuum extraction port reduce any risk of contamination.
The compact, benchtop Capit-All IS Automated Capper/Decapper is easily integrated with automated liquid handling instrumentation. Its intuitive design makes it easily operated by any laboratory personnel with the simple push of a button; no training is needed. Composed of specially molded parts, any possible distortion and damage to the caps after repeated use is prevented. As a result, the life span of the tubes and caps is significantly increased.
Stephen Guy, product manager, Bench top Cell Processing Systems, at The Automation Partnership commented, “The new Capit-All IS unit is compatible with Thermo Scientific Matrix or Thermo Scientific Nunc labware. Both models are highly reliable and have been tested to process one million samples to ensure uptime before service is required.” Kacey Wiley Pouliot, product manager, Sample Storage and Microplates at Thermo Fisher Scientific added, “With the ability to be integrated with automated liquid handling platforms, workflows can be effectively streamlined for efficient high-throughput experimentation.”
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