photo The Universal ISH Kit features a complete non-radioactive system for the localization of DNA and RNA sequences in cells and tissues, including rodent species.
     The ready-to-use kit uses proprietary signal amplification technology for the colorimetric detection of fluorescein & Digoxin probes.
     Serial amplification allows for very high sensitivity, and optimized detection reagents and protocols can maximize signal-to-noise ratios. The kit includes required pre-titrated reagents in precision dropper bottles.
     The kit includes everything needed to detect fluorescein & Digoxin labeled probes, including proteinase K solution, RNase block, hybridization buffer, protein block, biotinylated anti-fluorescein or anti-digoxin antibody, enzyme-streptavidin or fluorochrome conjugate, activation buffer (for phosphatase kits), chromogen/substrate, counterstain, mounting medium, and phosphate buffered saline.
     The kit is available with a choice of horseradish peroxidase or alkaline phosphatase conjugate, and AEC or DAB, or BCIP/NBT or Fast Red chromogen/substrate. Each kit contains enough reagents for staining 60 slides.
Keyword: DNA, RNA