photo This company has introduced an application for the determination of C-reactive protein on the Beckman CX systems.
     The application uses a CRP reagent formulation that can be approximately 50 times more sensitive than traditional CRP reagents. CRP is an acute-phase protein that is involved in the activation of complement, acceleration of phagocytosis, and detoxification of substances released from damaged tissue.
     It is considered one of the most sensitive indicators of inflammation. The reagent is a two-part liquid in which the reaction sequence involves the use of latex particles coated with antibody specific to human CRP. The particles aggregate in the presence of CRP from the sample forming immune complexes.
     The immune complexes cause an increase in light scattering, which is proportional to the concentration of CRP in the serum. The light scattering is measured by reading the turbidity at 570nm.
     The reagent was found to be sensitive on the CX system to a level of 0.01mg/dL.
Pointe Scientific
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