Finding ways to win in the clinical lab industry requires a strategy.

Strategies for success in 2007 is the theme at Ascend Media(CLP’s parent company) these days, as it seems to be with nearly everyone in the clinical lab industry. Just staying in the game isn’t enough; we are all looking for ways to win, and one of ours is to find new methods of presenting products and technology to you, our readers.

Fresh out of strategy meetings with my new CLP team, I am seeing evidence of fierce competition for lab business: headlines everywhere reporting that LabCorp “wrested” or “snatched” United HealthCare away from Quest. Whatever strategies LabCorp employed to win the historic $3 billion exclusive contract, the deal is emblematic of the clinical lab market today. It is also a reminder that we have to stay on our competitive toes.

LabCompete 2007, set for December 6 to 8, in Chandler, Ariz, will help you stay competitive if you attend. The conference will offer programs geared toward C-level lab executives, lab managers and directors, sales and marketing representatives, health-care consultants and accountants, among others. Also on the meeting agenda are an in-depth perspective of the industry, financial requirements for entrepreneurial independent labs, advice on building companies of significant value, and networking opportunities with the lab industry’s respected professionals.

Some of the topics will be high-profit diagnostic tests, automation, sales strategies, compensation plans, financing, and personalized medicine.

Whatever your position in the clinical lab market, to compete in the future, you will undoubtedly need help in grappling with major issues facing the industry: staffing, automation, physician-owned labs, financing, reimbursements, and electronic health records. Throughout the next year, CLP will address these and other issues and, hopefully, will show you how others are solving such problems.

With that in mind, our team strategy is to give you, our readers, editorial content that you will need to succeed. In addition to our weekly e-newsletter, CLPrime; our e-mail preview of the upcoming issue Sneak Peek; and Expert Insight, featuring our online gurus (, in the coming year we will deliver even more editorial products, online and in print.

As the incoming editor of CLP, I welcome your comments and suggestions, and look forward to hearing from you about your concerns and observations.