Tips and Tricks to Better Histology: Influencing Tissue Preparation and Processing

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 4:00 PM ET

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Fiona Tarbet

Leica Biosystems
Senior Global Product Manager, Core Histology

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Chris Wolski

CLP Magazine
Chief Editor

Maintaining and improving the quality of the sections produced in any histology laboratory is a challenge. Every step taken in obtaining, fixing, processing, and sectioning specimens and mounting and staining sections has an impact on the final outcome. It is important that all histologists have an awareness of the key factors that determine quality and an understanding of the theoretical basis which underlies them.

This workshop, sponsored by Leica Biosystems, will systematically examine some of the effects of poor technique on section and stain quality and look at ways of producing better results. Topics covered will include: pre-fixation damage, chemical and physical aspects of fixation, optimising tissue processing and avoiding processing problems. The need for a systematic approach to assessing quality and for successful trouble-shooting will be emphasized throughout.


By attending the webinar, you will learn more about:

Key factors influencing tissue preparation and tissue processing

Effects of poor tissue processing and the theoretical approach to improve quality

How to identify the common problems of tissue preparation

You should attend this webinar if you’re a Lab manager, technician, director, histotechnician, pathologist or have a general interest in tissue prep and processing and want to learn more!

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