High-Density Freezer System
Preserves up to 10 million samples
Hamilton Storage_BiOS M 640The BiOS line of automated storage systems from Hamilton Storage Technologies, Franklin, Mass, is designed for storage of sensitive biological samples at temperatures down to -80°C. Three different configurations are available to ensure the integrity of 100,000 to more than 10 million long-term samples, based on 1.0-mL tubes in 96-position racks. The BiOS M and Bios L offer a compact footprint for medium-sized labs that require moderate to large storage capabilities. The BiOS XL enables storage of millions of samples in dedicated facilities. Self-contained chest freezer compartments climate-controlled to 80°C preserve temperature stability and energy efficiency even in case of emergency. 1D and 2D barcode reading and sample tracking provide complete chain-of-custody documentation, with software tools to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
Hamilton Storage Technologies
(508) 544-7000; www.hamilton-storage.com


Electrical Safety Analyzer
Rugged, portable design
Fluke-Biomedical-ESA609.640The ESA609 electrical safety analyzer from Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, is designed to be rugged, portable, and user-friendly. The 1.5-pound analyzer includes a carrying strap for handheld operation and a tilt stand for easy setup. A rubberized case helps prevent damage if the unit is dropped, and offers an ingress protection rating of IP30 to keep out contaminants. The ESA609 tests to ANSI/AAMI ES1, NFPA-99, and parts of IEC 62353 and IEC 60601-1. It integrates all functions needed to test medical devices when patient lead testing is not required, including line (mains) voltage, ground wire (protective earth) resistance, equipment current, leakage current, and point-to-point tests. Its push-button design enables quick testing and fast transition between tests. Heavy-duty switches allow users to change polarity and configuration of the neutral connection between open and closed.
Fluke Biomedical
(800) 850-4608; www.flukebiomedical.com

Precision Balances
Available in 15 models
Entris, Precision balance with rectangular weighing pan, view from the rightThe Entris balance from Sartorius, Bohemia, NY, focuses on the most commonly used weighing applications and eliminates costly additional functions. Available in 15 models, the Entris analytical and precision balance covers a weighing capacity from 60 g to 8,200 g with a readability of 0.1 mg to 0.1 g. Most models feature external adjustment or an internal, motorized adjustment function, allowing the unit to deliver consistent and accurate results. A backlit, high-contrast display enables easy viewing, while logical key assignments and a clearly structured user interface simplify daily routine weighing. The Entris is equipped with applications for density determination, counting, conversion, and weighing in percent. Available languages include German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. Removable draft shield and stainless steel parts facilitate rapid, easy clean-up.
(800) 368-7178; www.sartorius.us

All-Purpose Water Baths
With reservoir drain
PolyScience Digital Water Baths 640A new line of general-purpose water baths from PolyScience, Niles, Ill, combine temperature control with digital functionality and ease of operation. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of clinical and laboratory applications, the baths maintain temperatures from ambient +5° to 99.9°C with ±0.1° stability and ±0.2°C uniformity, with temperature display available in °C or °F. A digital temperature readout displays the actual bath temperature alongside the set point temperature. Three user-defined temperature preset buttons are available for frequently used settings. Baths are available with single-chamber reservoirs of 2, 5, 10, 20, or 28 liters; models with a reservoir of 10 liters or larger are also equipped with a reservoir drain. All models include a diffuser tray and test tube-holding rack or racks.
(800) 229-7569; www.polyscience.com

Microbe-Resistant Barcode Scanner
Denso_AT27Q-SBAnti-germ technology
The AT27Q-SB handheld scanner from Denso ADC, Long Beach, Calif, the latest edition to the company’s AT20Q series of high-speed scanning devices, enables reading of 1D and 2D barcodes, including QR codes. Bluetooth 2.1 technology facilitates wireless communication with smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices as well as desktop PCs. A rapid shutter provides 360-degree scanning, reducing the effect of camera shake and increasing operator efficiency. Anti-reflection technology assures consistent reading from LCD screens on mobile devices. An improved engine has increased the reading range for wide barcodes as well as 1D barcodes down to 0.125 mm, and for 2D barcodes down to 0.167 mm. The unit’s housing incorporates antimicrobial materials to slow the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi, making it suitable for shared use.
Denso ADC
(310) 834-6352; www.denso-adc.com

Cell Imaging System
Preclassifies blood cells
Medica_EasyCell 640Horiba Medical, Irvine, Calif, and Medica Corp, Bedford, Mass, have announced a nonexclusive agreement for the worldwide distribution of the EasyCell Assistant digital hematology cell imaging system for use in hospitals and clinical laboratories. The EasyCell Assistant facilitates productivity by automatically locating white cells on a blood smear and preclassifying them on a display, grouped by cell type. The system also displays images of red cells and platelets for performance of red cell morphology and platelet estimates. In addition, the EasyCell Assistant features remote viewing software for sharing of cell images throughout the hospital, and competency review software for training of medical technologists in the hematology laboratory.
Medica Corp
(800) 777-5983; www.medicacorp.com

Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader
Suited for live cell assays
BioTek_Cytation3 2 640The Cytation 3 cell imaging multi-mode reader from BioTek, Winooski, Vt, combines automated digital fluorescence microscopy and conventional multi-mode microplate detection to provide phenotypic and quantitative analyses in a streamlined and upgradable workflow. This parallel data acquisition platform is suited for biochemical assays and live cell assays where temperature control, variable shaking, and available gas control support an environment for growing, imaging, counting, and analyzing cells in microplates and other sample vessels. The Cytation 3 offers 40x and 60x objectives for applications requiring increased magnification and is compatible with 35-mm, 60-mm, and 100-mm Petri dishes. Gen5 data analysis software offers broad image analysis capability with options for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance or in vitro diagnostics use.
(888) 451-5171; www.biotek.com
Horiba Medical
(888) 903-5001; www.horiba.com/us/en/medical


Urinalysis Control
Streck_UA-Cellular Complete 350Assayed for the Siemens Clinitek Atlas and Sysmex UF1000i
The UA-Cellular Complete urinalysis control from Streck, Omaha, Ne, offers chemistry analytes and cellular components to closely mimic a patient sample. Assayed for the Siemens Clinitek Atlas and Sysmex UF1000i combined system, the control tests the instruments’ ability to accurately identify and quantify the chemistry components and cellular components found in patient urine samples. The kit contains various concentrations of the assayed components to simulate different patient sample scenarios. Assayed chemistry analytes include glucose, ketones, blood, protein, nitrite, color, bilirubin, specific gravity, pH, urobilinogen, leukocytes, and clarity; assayed cellular parameters include RBC, WBC, EC, casts, bacteria, and crystals. The control is packaged in 120-mL squeeze bottles.
(800) 843-0912; www.streck.com

Reference Standards
For designer psychedelics
Cerilliant NBOMe9508 640Cerilliant, Round Rock, Tex, has introduced six new certified Snap-n-Spike reference standards for designer psychedelics in the NBOMe (N-methoxybenzyl-substituted) class of phenethylamines, including 25I-NBOMe HCl, 25C-NBOMe HCl, and 25B-NBOMe HCl, and their deuterium-labeled internal standards. NBOMe phenethylamine derivatives, also referred to as “N-Bomb” and “Smiles,” are designer drugs with psychedelic and psychostimulant effects comparable to LSD. Use can lead to acute NBOMe toxicity, with adverse effects including metabolic acidosis, tachycardia, organ failure, and sometimes death. Since these compounds are classified as controlled substances, Cerilliant supplies its Certified Spiking Solutions of NBOMe phenethylamines in a quantitative USDEA- and Health Canada-exempt solution. They are certified to industry standards including ISO Guide 34, ISO/IEC 17025, and ISO 13485.
(800) 848-7837; www.cerilliant.com

Synthetic Rubella Serum
Eliminates risk of false positives
BBI_Rubella-gloved-handUsed in the manufacture of control solutions for Rubella testing and ToRCH screening for perinatal diseases, the synthetic Rubella IgM disease-state serum from BBI Solutions, Cardiff, United Kingdom, is formulated in delipidated, defibrinated plasma that has been designed to mimic a high-titre native Rubella IgM disease-state serum. The product has been tested across multiple test platforms, including Abbott Architect, Siemens Immulite 1000, Roche Cobas, and bioMérieux Vidas. The synthetic serum offers high reproducibility and consistent concentration and recovery across batches, which would not be possible with native material. It is also negative for Rubella IgG, eliminating the risk of false positives. These features make it suitable for use as a raw material when developing controls and calibrators to support assay development and test manufacturing.
BBI Solutions
(800) 423-8199; www.bbisolutions.com

Parietal Cell Antigen
90% purity level
Binding_Site_parietal_antigen 640Parietal cell antigen is now available from the Binding Site, San Diego. Designed for use as a key component in solid-phase ELISA-based assay procedures, the antigen will bind anti-parietal cell antibodies for the H/K-ATPase ?- and ?-subunits after coating onto ELISA plates. Anti-parietal cell antibodies are detected in the serum of 80% to 90% of patients with pernicious anemia, a disease which predominantly affects Caucasians of Northern European descent and is the most common cause of vitamin B12 deficiency in Western countries. Derived and sourced from porcine gastric mucosa, the antigen demonstrates a product purity level in excess of 90% as assessed by SDS gel electrophoresis. It is offered in operator-oriented fill formats of 1.0 mg and 0.2 mg vials, with customer-specific and bulk packaging configurations also available.
The Binding Site
(858) 453-9177; www.thebindingsite.com


HIV-1/2 Test
Detects antigens earlier
Alere_Determine ComboThe Determine HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo test from Alere, Waltham, Mass, is the first FDA-approved rapid point-of-care test that detects both HIV-1/2 antibodies and the HIV-1 p24 antigen, which can appear 12 to 26 days after infection and prior to HIV-1/2 antibodies, which typically appear 20 to 45 days after infection. By permitting individuals to learn of their HIV status earlier, the test may reduce transmission and allow patients to begin treatment earlier. It simultaneously identifies free HIV-1 p24 antigen as well as antibodies to both HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human serum, plasma, and venous or fingerstick whole blood specimens. Alere Determine HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo is currently available to all health facilities and laboratories that are licensed to conduct tests of moderate complexity under the CLIA program.
(781) 647-3900; www.alere.com

FDA-Cleared HSV-1/2 Assay
Differentiates herpes virus from skin lesions
IMDx_HSV-1-2 for Abbott m2000 640FDA has cleared the IMDx HSV-1/2 assay for Abbott m2000, a test that detects and differentiates herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2) DNA from male and female skin lesions from anogenital or oral sites. HSV-1 and HSV-2 are the most common causes of oral and genital lesions and are spread through sexual and skin-to-skin contact. HSV-2 affects an estimated one in six Americans, with more than 80% of those carriers unaware that they have been infected. HSV-1 infection rates are even higher, with studies estimating that 65% of Americans carry the virus. While no cure exists for HSV-associated infections, antiviral medications may shorten the duration of outbreaks, decrease their frequency, and reduce the threat of transmission to sexual partners. The IMDx HSV-1/2 assay for Abbott m2000 is manufactured by IntelligentMDx and distributed by Abbott Molecular.
Abbott Molecular
(224) 361-7800; www.abbottmolecular.com
(617) 871-6405; www.intelligentmdx.com

PTH Assay
Assesses calcium disorders
DiaSorin_logo P.281Recently cleared by FDA, the Liaison N-Tact PTH Gen II immunoassay from DiaSorin, Stillwater, Minn, is intended for the quantitative determination of intact human parathyroid hormone (PTH) in human serum and plasma samples. Measurement of PTH is used to assess calcium metabolism disorders, and the hormone remains an important regulator of calcium homeostasis. A 200-test kit, the immunoassay has an open kit shelf life of 8 weeks and can be run on either the Liaison or Liaison XL platform. The test has low cross-reactivity to the 7-84 and other inactive fragments, supporting conservative patient management.
(800) 328-1482; www.diasorin.com

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy POC Test
Identifies early-stage complications
NeuroMetrix_DPNCheck Hand Held_6000x6605 400The NC-stat DPNCheck from NeuroMetrix, Waltham, Mass, is a rapid, quantitative point-of-care test designed to detect diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) at an early stage, allowing physicians to select appropriate treatment. DPN is the most common complication of diabetes, affecting over half of people with the disease and leading to pain and increased risk of falls for the elderly. The disorder is also the primary trigger for diabetic foot ulcers, which may require lower-extremity amputations. The NC-stat DPNCheck is FDA-cleared and measures sural nerve conduction velocity and response amplitude, standard biomarkers for asymptomatic and clinical peripheral neuropathies. The compact and ergonomic handheld device is designed for ease of use and offers straightforward clinical interpretation.
(888) 786-7287; www.neurometrix.com