BioCision LLC, San Rafael, Calif, has announced the formation of MedCision Inc, San Rafael, Calif, an independent company focused on automation of preclinical and clinical processes.

Rolf O. Ehrhardt, BioCision.

Rolf O. Ehrhardt, BioCision.

“The formation of MedCision is driven by a critical need in the market—innovative standardization technologies and solutions for translational, clinical, and point-of-care settings,” says Rolf O. Ehrhardt, MD, PhD, CEO of BioCision. “MedCision will be a leader in developing and commercializing innovative instruments for crucial processes in the postmanufacturing cell and gene therapy space.

“The name of the company, MedCision, creates a clear connection to our BioCision roots but also conveys an evolution from those roots as our technology will focus on automating point-of-care clinical processes,” continues Ehrhardt.

The creation of MedCision as a standalone company with a dedicated management team aims to provide the necessary focus and foundation for long-term value generation in the clinical tools space. The company’s initial focus will be commercialization of the ThawStar cell thawing platform.

Cell thawing, the last step a cellular product undergoes before patient administration, is one of the most important parts of the postmanufacturing process. Rapid, uniform, non-fluid based thawing is necessary for maintaining therapeutic efficacy. ThawStar’s automated cell thawing platform makes it easy to ensure proper clinical handling and thawing across a range of volumes and storage formats. At the same time, the platform automatically incorporates temperature monitoring and data connectivity, both of which are critical to ensuring proper sample tracking and patient safety.

The ThawStar platform is experiencing rapid adoption into cell therapy research and development as part of clinical trials, a trend that is expected to accelerate with the company’s soon-to-be-announced early adopter program. As MedCision’s flagship product, the ThawStar platform will be expanded over the next 12 months with additional models and features.

MedCision corporate offices will be headquartered in San Rafael, Calif. The company will be  spearheaded by former members of the BioCision senior management team. Rolf Ehrhardt, will serve as president and CEO; Ron DiNocco, chief financial officer and vice president of corporate development; Eric Kunkel, senior vice president of research and development; and Sam Kent, senior vice president of global sales and business development.

For more information, visit MedCision.