Chromatrap ChIP kits from Porvair Sciences, Wrexham, UK, provide a solution for antibody suppliers looking to validate the performance of the antibodies they produce for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay kits.

Successful ChIP assays rely heavily on the highest quality antibodies. Antibodies for such applications must be rigorously assessed for enrichment of positive and negative gene targets, signal-to-noise ratio, chromatin-to-antibody ratio, reproducibility, and lot-to-lot variations. In-house validation of antibodies for use in ChIP assays is considered to be a lengthy, expensive, time-consuming, and challenging process.

Using a bead-free high-throughput format, Chromatrap kits offer a fast, easy, and sensitive method for validating antibodies. The kits enable antibody suppliers to easily and efficiently expand their product portfolio to target epigenetic and drug development applications.

“We have developed our bead-free Chromatrap technology to enable maximum capture of antibody,” says Lindsay Parkes, PhD, senior research scientist at Porvair Sciences. “This is achieved by correctly oriented capture proteins throughout the inert filter-based ChIP technology. Most bead-based systems have capture proteins scattered in random orientation, which doesn’t allow full access of antibodies to binding pockets of proteins, thus giving an overall reduced capture efficiency. This is important for high sensitivity, especially for detection of binding of low-abundance targets.”

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