Laird Thermal Systems, Morrisville, NC, has released its next generation of eco-friendly recirculating chillers for precise temperature control of analytical, medical, and industrial equipment.

Nextreme recirculating chillers feature high-quality components, environmentally friendly refrigerants, low-noise components, and a user-friendly operator interface. The chillers utilize high-performance variable speed motors for noise reduction, lower room heat input, and reduced energy consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional compressor-based systems.

Nextreme recirculating chillers are designed with a semiopen coolant system that offers several advantages, including decreased bacterial growth and evaporation, while still being easy to maintain. The chillers utilize high-quality components that minimize downtime, and feature sensor instrumentation that provides system status and the ability to integrate predictive maintenance and failure analysis. By using environmentally friendly R513A refrigerant, the chillers deliver similar performance with less than half the global warming potential compared to traditional hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants.

“The Nextreme Chiller line is designed for manufacturers, laboratories, and research universities that need an energy-efficient chiller versatile enough to support the cooling needs of their entire equipment installation,” says Greg Ducharme, product director at Laird Thermal Systems. “Laboratory technicians, R&D engineers, and equipment operators will appreciate the quiet, maintenance-free operation of the system, knowing it also has a lower environmental impact due to its refrigerant type and reduced energy consumption.”

The Nextreme chiller series is available with three standard cooling capacities including 1800 W, 2800 W, and 5000 W models.

For more information, visit Laird Thermal Systems.