EKF Diagnostics, Cardiff, UK, has secured contracts for the manufacture and supply of the PrimeStore MTM sample collection device, which allows covid-19 samples to be rapidly inactivated in the collection tube, avoiding contamination and preserving RNA without the need for refrigeration.

EKF is a contract manufacturer and supplier of PrimeStore MTM, which is an FDA-cleared and CE-marked microbial nucleic acid storage and stabilization device created and owned by Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics, Bethesda, Md.

Julian Baines, EKF.

Julian Baines, EKF.

PrimeStore MTM deactivates bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, allowing safe sample handling and transport and eliminating the risk of infection during transport and in laboratories. In addition to removing the need for cold chain storage of samples, the collection device perfectly preserves RNA and DNA for safe testing immediately on arrival at a laboratory and without the need for containment. PrimeStore MTM is the only FDA Class II-cleared device for microbial nucleic acid storage and stabilization (RNA and DNA), and is available for the safe transportation of samples that may contain viruses.

In addition to more than doubling its current US manufacturing capacity for this device, on behalf of Longhorn, EKF has repurposed its European manufacturing facilities in Cardiff, and will soon do the same for facilities in Germany. The company’s  substantial increase in manufacturing capacity is intended to fulfill new US orders as well as new European supply contracts for PrimeStore MTM. Recent orders include an agreement with Source BioScience, Nottingham, UK, which will use the collection device in support of its growing covid-19 testing service.

“We are delighted to supply Longhorn’s PrimeStore MTM collection kits to Source BioScience, a well-established provider of testing services to the National Health Service. These collection kits will ensure that covid-19 samples can be handled and transported without expensive refrigeration or fear of contamination,” says Julian Baines, chief executive officer of EKF Diagnostics. “This is a key part of the testing supply chain which can underpin the safe and rapid increase of testing capacity. In addition to the United States, we will continue to ramp up our production capacity here in the United Kingdom and in Europe to meet increasing demand and support efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus globally.”

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