ELITechGroup, Puteaux, France, has released the FreezePoint freezing point osmometer.

FreezePoint is designed for routine measurements in the medical field to determine the total osmolality of aqueous solutions. The instrument is also suitable for measurements in research and industrial applications. The instrument requires a sample of only 15 µL, and offers rapid measurement cycles that are completed in a very short time.

ELITechGroup FreezePoint osmometer_970x1024p

The FreezePoint osmometer from ELITechGroup.

FreezePoint is controlled via a touchscreen display with built-in step-by-step guides for all measurement functions. The instrument is easy to handle and maintain, and features a simple calibration routine.

“ELITechGroup now offers a complete product line of osmometers, with the introduction of FreezePoint coupled with our existing Vapro vapor pressure osmometer, providing laboratories with solutions to measure viscous and tissue specimen and volatile solutes,” says Bryce McEuen, vice president of ELITechGroup biomedical systems.

For more information, visit ELITechGroup.