Sysmex America, Lincolnshire, Ill, has launched the XF-1600 flow cytometer. The highly automated XF-1600 provides laboratories with improved flexibility and efficiency for a wide range of applications.


Andy Hay, Sysmex America.

“In addition to seamless integration into the laboratory’s workflow the XF-1600 works in tandem with our PS-10 Sample Preparation System to automate the entire process of antibody staining, incubation, and flow cytometry analysis—ensuring a new level of confidence in the results produced,” says Andy Hay, chief operating officer of Sysmex America. “Highly trained operators no longer have to spend hours manually pipetting, leaving valuable time for more complex activities. With nearly 200 antibody reagents, we are now able to offer a complete, reliable solution from specimen reception to reporting results.”

With 10 detectors for fluorescence and three light sources, laboratories will benefit from future expansion based on individual needs and increased throughput. Using VenturiOne software for analysis after data acquisition, researchers will realize the true potential of their flow cytometry data, eliminating transcription errors and incorrect specimen placement.

For more information, visit Sysmex America.