TTP, Cambridge, UK, and ODx Innovations, Inverness, UK, have formed a partnership to bring ODx’s point-of-care system for assessing urinary tract infections to market using TTP’s Desktop Biology service. The goal of the ODx system is to shorten the turnaround time require for assessment of suspected urinary tract infections in order to reduce the use of antibiotics and provide faster access to optimal antimicrobial therapy.

Piers Harding, TTP.

Piers Harding, TTP.

ODx’s proprietary detection technique relies on subjecting urine samples to an antibiotic panel to assess the effectiveness of each compound at killing bacteria. TTP and ODx have further refined and developed the technology to provide rapid and multiplexed analysis. The test passes light through samples, and monitors optical response over time to investigate bacterial growth and how the growth is affected by the presence of different antibiotics. The multiplex cartridge allows for different antibiotic panels and concentrations to be tested, depending upon clinical settings and geography.

TTP’s Desktop Biology service helps companies accelerate the development of their assays to a product for use in diagnostics or research.

“Working with ODx to develop a system that actively addresses the antibiotic resistance issue is particularly rewarding, as it has the potential to make a significant difference to the way infections are diagnosed and treated,” says Piers Harding, program manager at TTP. “It’s a pleasure to work with such a forward-thinking company.”

For more information, visit ODx Innovations and TPP.