Interpace Diagnostics Group Inc, Parsippany, NJ, has recently completed the validation of a test protocol for a third specimen type to be handled by its molecular thyroid tests, ThyGeNex and ThyraMir.

Prior to the recent validation, ThyGeNext and ThyraMir were the only marketed molecular products validated for use with both RNARetain and cytology slides. With the newly validated protocol, Interpace has now expanded its service capabilities to the processing of patient specimens prepared as formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples.

To provide its physician-customers with a one-stop service for molecular testing of indeterminate thyroid nodules, Interpace initiated a partnering arrangement with the Dianon Systems division of LabCorp and certain regional labs. LabCorp is currently Interpace’s single largest customer for thyroid testing, supporting the expansion of the company’s platforms. In 2018, Interpace’s validation of cytology slide test protocols led to further expansion of its thyroid business, enabling the company to take over a number of customers when Rosetta Genomics filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

With the expansion of its service capabilities to FFPE samples, Interpace is now able to offer its customers options for providing patient specimens. Physicians who have been using alternative test providers can now select from Interpace the level of customization best suited to the manner in which they manage patients and specimens in their practices.

“We are pleased to expand our offering to include this new option,” says Jack E. Stover, president and CEO of Interpace Diagnostics. “As part of our growth plans, we believe that asking our customers what is most important to them and then being responsive is a winning strategy—this is an example of that philosophy.

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