MediSapiens, Helsinki, Finland, a provider of biomedical, genomic, and health data solutions, has partnered with Modul-Bio, Marseille, France, a biological sample management provider. With the partnership, the two companies aim to complement each other’s solutions for biobanking, providing biobanks an all-round capability for managing, sharing, and commercializing their samples and data.

Modul-Bio provides software solutions for biological resource centers, cohort projects, biotechnology and cosmetics firms, and diagnostic companies. The company has earned the recognition of academic clients, commercial clients, and hospitals with experience in supporting biobanking operations.

MediSapiens provides solutions for biomedical and health data, with clients in both the public and commercial biobanking spheres. MediSapiens’ solutions allow for data curation, management, and sharing options with researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers.

“We’re very enthusiastic to work with Modul-Bio,” says Hans Garritzen, sales director at MediSapiens. “By joining the expertise from MediSapiens and Modul-Bio, we are able to support the biobanking field with an end-to-end solution for sample and data management, and to make new insights easily available.”

“We are dedicated to continue providing solutions to expand and improve the industry,” adds Mike Woodward, business development manager at Modul-Bio. “It is exciting to cooperate with MediSapiens to further these goals.”

For further information, visit MediSapiens.