FDA has granted premarket notification (510(k)) clearance for Vitros XT MicroSlides from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Raritan, NJ. Available for use on Ortho’s Vitros XT 7600 integrated analyzer, the newly cleared product features a multitest technology that enables labs to run two tests simultaneously on a single MicroSlide.

The product pairs tests that physicians typically order together, while maintaining high-quality results. Available test pairs include triglycerides and cholesterol, urea and creatinine, and glucose and calcium.


Mike Iskra, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

By pairing commonly ordered tests so they can be run simultaneously, Ortho’s Vitros XT MicroSlides, improve performance and productivity in the clinical lab, enabling a higher test throughput without requiring additional or larger analyzers. This is a significant benefit in a hospital environment, where space is often at a premium. In addition, the miniaturized testing areas on each MicroSlide require less patient blood sample for each of the paired tests, an important advantage for vulnerable patients or those with venous access issues.

“Labs today are challenged to run increasing volumes of tests in shorter timeframes, with less physical space available for larger analyzers,” explains Michael Iskra, head of Ortho’s North America operations. “Because they enable the simultaneous running of two tests that are typically ordered together, our Vitros XT MicroSlides address these numerous challenges with one elegant solution.”

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