Nucleic Acid Purification Workflow

Low- to Medium-throughput package

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Fremont, Calif, introduces the KingFisher Duo nucleic acid purification system. The low- to medium-throughput package, which includes the KingFisher® magnetic particle processor instrument, optimized DNA/RNA isolation kits, plastics consumables, and the Thermo Scientific BindIt software, provide a fully automated workflow. The fast, compact KingFisher Duo has a small-benchtop footprint, making it ideal for space-restricted laboratories. With the ability to process a variety of sample types in volumes up to 5 mL, users can obtain high yields of pure product for accurate downstream analysis. The system enables users to select from a variety of starting materials, from blood and other body fluids to cells and tissue samples, allowing a single instrument to be used for a variety of applications. As a stand-alone instrument, it is able to save and run log files. When used in combination with BindIt software, it provides traceability and complete data management.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
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Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer

Performs 225 patient specimens per hour

U.S. ARKRAY, Edina, Minn, introduces the AUTION MAX™ AX-4030 automated urine chemistry analyzers. The company offers the analyzers directly to laboratories to provide a cost-effective solution to automate urinalysis testing while improving service and after-sales support. The AX-4030 allows a technologist to load 100 samples at a time. The analyzer performs 225 patient specimens per hour and can be continuously loaded. They feature easy maintenance requirements and overall durability. The system offers clinical laboratories of all sizes the flexibility and efficiency to meet their workflow needs.

U.S. Arkray
(800) 818-8877

Open Molecular Platform

Fully automated, benchtop molecular system

BD Diagnostics, a segment of BD, Franklin Lakes, NJ, introduces the BD MAX™ for use as an open system. BD MAX is a fully automated, benchtop molecular system designed to perform a broad range of molecular tests, including in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays and user-defined protocols and life science research applications. BD is currently collaborating with Diagenode to develop seven initial assays for the BD MAX System. These assays will include a panel for diagnosing respiratory infections, two panels for diagnosing virus- and parasite-based gastrointestinal infections, and a panel for differentially diagnosing meningitis. The system’s open capability, full automation, standardized workflow, and planned content-rich menu will enable laboratories to consolidate and standardize a broad range of molecular tests to build programs that meet both their current and future clinical needs.

BD Diagnostic
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Liver Fibrosis Test

CE-marked for use on the ADVIA Centaur Immunoassay Systems

The Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) test from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Malvern, Pa, has been CE-marked for use on the ADVIA Centaur® Immunoassay Systems. This fully automated standardized direct biomarker panel offers clinicians a quick, reliable, minimally invasive blood test option to assess liver fibrosis with results in less than 1 hour. The ELF test is a standardized blood test that assesses the severity of liver fibrosis by combining three direct serum biomarkers—hyaluronic acid (HA), procollagen III amino terminal peptide (PIIINP), and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 (TIMP-1)—in an algorithm. The result is an ELF score that correlates to the level of liver fibrosis assessed by liver biopsy, the current standard of care for liver fibrosis diagnosis. The ELF test has been clinically validated on an Immuno-1 auto analyzer in an international multicenter study with a mix of patient groups, including viral hepatitis, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and alcoholic patient groups. The test is currently available in the United States for research use only.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
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