photoThis company has developed a reagent for the determination of fructosamine. Fructosamine refers to protein that has undergone an Amadori conversion in the presence of glucose to form stable ketoamines.
     Fructosamine can provide earlier detection of changes in diabetic control since it is a more sensitive assay to the changes in blood glucose, providing a two-to-three week time frame as compared to glycohemoglobin.
     The fructosamine method is based on the ability of ketoamines to reduce NBT to a formazan dye under alkaline conditions. The rate of formazan formation is directly proportional to the fructosamine concentrations when measured at 550nm. A comparison study yielded a correlation coefficient of 0.988 and a regression equation of y=0.88x + 0.28.
     The reagent kit includes 10 x 11mL, 1 x 120mL buffer for reconstitution and a 2.0mL standard. The reagent has an 18-month shelf life and is linear to 8.5mmol/L. Applications are available for a variety of chemistry analyzers.
Pointe Scientific
Keyword: glucose, reagent