Carolina BIOLIS 24i

Benchtop chemistry analyzer

The new BIOLIS 24i from Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Brea, Calif, is a 400-test-per-hour benchtop chemistry analyzer with a menu of more than 100 chemistries that serves as a backup analyzer for hospitals, and as a primary analyzer for small hospitals and physician’s office labs where space is tight. It requires just 31 inches of bench space. The instrument has permanent cuvettes and includes a distilled water system. Its menu consists of reagents that are bar coded, liquid, and ready to use. The general chemistries cover metabolic, basic, hepatic, renal, anemia, and lipid-panel tests. Therapeutic drugs and drugs-of-abuse tests are available. Specific proteins, such as commonly run IgG, IgA, IgM, C3, C4, transferin, haptoglobin, ASO, RF, CRP, prealbumin, and APO lipoproteins are performed reliably because of the antigen excess-detection capability. Diabetic screening tests include HbA1c, fructosamine, and microalbumin, and special chemistries include D dimer, Cystatin C, insulin, homocysteine, Lp(a), and hsCRP. Positive-sample ID and elimination of instrument programming are achieved with a bidirectional interface and bar-coded, primary-tube sampling. The 30-day onboard reagent stability and 14-day calibration stability make daily startup a matter of running QC.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries
(877) 722-8910

Model 1479Z Precision Digital Scale

Four weighing modes
Tanita Corp of America, Arlington Heights, Ill, introduces Model 1479Z, a new, lightweight, precision digital scale that is 33% thinner than the earlier version, the 1479V pocket mini scale. It has a capacity of 200 grams—a 67% increase. The scale features a four-digit LCD display and weighs 3.7 ounces. Its dimensions are 3 inches x 6.3 inches x 0.4 inches; and it measures 0.4 inches thick. The unit offers four weighing modes—gram, ounce, troy ounce, and penny weight. It includes a 2-year warranty and a 1 x CR2032 battery.

Tanita Corp of America
(866) 679-3343

Vacufuge plus

Concentration/drying/purification of DNA
Eppendorf North America Inc, Westbury, NY, introduces Vacufuge plus for concentration, drying, and purification of DNA, RNA, nucleotides, and proteins. The new LCD display features a user-friendly control panel that helps improve handling of the device and fosters intuitive operation. It reduces evaporation times by allowing for solvent preselection, offers four heating levels for options in drying speed, and has no sample loss. The unit features 13 fixed-angle rotors for different vessel sizes and capacities.

Eppendorf North America Inc
(800) 645-3050

IS-971 Floor Model Shaker Series

Rapid heating/cooling performance
The new IS-971 floor model shaker series from Lab Companion, manufactured by Jeio Tech Inc, Woburn, Mass, consists of three models. The IS-971 has a temperature range of 5°C above room temperature to 60°C. The IS-971R and IS-971RF (lighting control capability) have temperature ranges from 4°C to 60°C. The temperature uniformity is ±1.0°C at 38°C (based on various conditions). The shaking motion includes a choice of orbital or reciprocating action, with a speed range from 10 to 300 cycles per minute and a maximum orbit size of 70 mm diameter. Run time can be programmed from 1 second to 1,000 hours. Many temperature programs can be entered, including nine steps of temperature profiles programmable and repeatable up to 200 cycles. An assortment of platforms and clamps permit the use of flasks, beakers, separatory funnels, test tubes, and microplates. The units handle up to 4- x 6-liter flasks.

Jeio Tech Inc
(781) 376-0700

CPA Series

Lab balances
Sartorius Mechatronics Corp, Edgewood, NY, introduces the new CPA series of lab balances, which feature automatic internal calibration via an integrated calibration weight at the touch of the CAL key. If ambient temperature fluctuates outside of a user-defined range, or after a preprogrammed time interval, the isoCAL function automatically performs internal calibration and adjustments at regular intervals. A bidirectional RS-232C interface port on all models facilitates communication with a PC and lab robotics. The high-contrast, backlit display provides readability under varied lighting conditions, and the micro- and semimicrobalances operate without backlighting. The series consists of 29 models ranging from microbalances to heavy-duty models with a weighing capacity of up to 34 kg. Connected to the company’s data printer or a computer, the balances generate the mandatory documentation for use in a ISO/GLP-compliant quality-management system.

Sartorius Mechatronics
(800) 635-2906, ext 8272