Helmer Global Headquarters, Noblesville, IN

Helmer is poised to release the next generation of refrigerators and freezers. Known for our reliability and high-quality products, we have taken cold storage to a new dimension. Intensive customer research was conducted to provide a product that not only meets the needs of our users today but has the ability to meet future trends as they are adopted.


The release of our “next generation” refrigerators and freezers includes both the i.Series® and Horizon Series™ lines. Blood bank, laboratory and pharmacy models in undercounter, upright, and pass-thru configurations have all been updated with changes that focus on increased storage capacity, improved functionality, and enhanced usability. The ability to select models and options that best meet both application and budget needs provides customers with flexibility and additional value.

The standard storage configuration of blood bank and pharmacy refrigerators has been updated to provide additional capacity and to better meet storage needs. These new configurations offer 17 to 20% more storage space in the same footprint.

Other updates include adjustable LED spot lighting, hospital-grade power cords, power switches, and optional leveling feet.


The most significant addition to our i.Series Refrigerators and Freezers is the implementation of the i.C3 User Interface. The i.C3 offers constant temperature monitoring and multiple information logs with historical data that can be downloaded via USB and saved for later analysis.

The monitoring system features a door- mounted, 7″ full-color touchscreen placed at eye-level on upright models. The screen is icon-driven and includes touch navigation with audio and visual notification.

i.Act™ On-Screen Event Acknow-ledgement allows users to immediately record corrective action taken at the time of an event. The information is saved and validated with a time and date stamp to provide a secure record of the corrective action. This information can be downloaded and saved for future audits.

An interactive temperature graph, password protection, and home screen customization are also featured. The temperature graph displays temperature and event data over 42 days and allows navigation to the event log to view out- of-range conditions. The graph can be toggled between 1 and 7 day views.

The i.C3 is modular so that future applications can be added to the system. Currently, i.D™ Integrated Electronic Access Control is available as an option. Access Control provides user specific secure access to the unit and logs who, when, and how the unit was accessed.

Temperature data, event data (including corrective actions), and access data (if purchased) can all be downloaded via USB. The data can be viewed, graphed, and saved on any computer.


In addition to our continued product development, Helmer is committed to driving societal transformation through active global philanthropy and volunteerism using 10% of Helmer’s profit. Helmer Global Initiatives (HGI) was established to spread a culture of generosity by engaging individuals and organizations at their highest level of capability to provide aid and justice for poor and vulnerable people.

Our strategy includes INSPIRING Generosity, ENGAGING Potential, FACILITATING Action, and DRIVING Transformation through support of global non-profit organizations, volunteering efforts, and initiatives within our own communities.


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