This Lp(a) assay for the quantitative determination of lipoprotein(a) in serum and plasma utilizes turbidimetric immunoassay methodology in a one step, direct determination. It features high specificity, with no reactivity to Apo B or Plasminogen. It has excellent stability and is formulated for existing clinical chemistry analyzers.
     When the sample is mixed with the buffer and the antibody, Lp(a) in the sample combines specifically with anti-human lipoprotein(a) antibodies in the reagent to yield an insoluble aggregate that causes increased turbidity. The degree of turbidity can be measured optically and is proportional to the amount of Lp(a) protein mass in the sample.
     The within-run precision for this assay has less than 3 percent CV. The linear range of the assay is 1-100mg/dL. Studies have been conducted that provide the expected value cutoff values for both Caucasian and African American populations, providing added convenience in determining expected values for your patient population.
Wako Diagnostics
Keywords: cardiac marker