photo A product for the quantitative determination of low levels of albumin in urine by immunoturbidimetric assay has been introduced by this company.
     The assay, for use on clinical chemistry auto-analyzers, requires no reagent preparation and no sample dilution up to 30mg/dL. The MicroAlbumin Assay provides one-month reagent stability after opening, high specificity and correlation with RIA. There is no interference from drugs or prozone effect in the ordinary measuring range. The assay method is not influenced by common serum components and uses two-point or multi-point calibration.
     A small amount of protein is excreted daily into the urine of healthy individuals. The excreted proteins are mucoproteins, most of which are filtered out of the uriniferous tubules and the glomeruli. Albumin, a protein of molecular weight 50,000, is not easily filtered out and is excreted into the urine (microalbuminuria). This makes albumin excretion into the urine a useful indicator of early glomerular disease.
     When a sample is mixed with anti-human albumin goat antiserum, agglutination is caused by the antigen-antibody reaction. The turbidity is measured at 340nm and 700nm. Albumin in the sample is quantitatively determined.
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