photo The ABL77 blood gas analyzer provides results in less than one minute, and its design and control software make the analyzer a suitable point-of-care instrument for the everyday user and lab manager.
     The instrument requires no cassette or analyzer preparation before the sample is added. Thus, analysis can begin immediately. This helps protect sample integrity and reduces preanalytical errors.
     Based on thick-film sensor technology, the analyzer rapidly measures pH, pO2, pCO2, cCa2+, cNa+, cK+ and Hct using 85µL of whole blood. Results are reported via solid-state technology and an air-in-sample detection system.
     Since both syringe and capillary samples can be introduced, the analyzer provides a solution for decentralized settings, including neonatal and pediatric departments. Apart from paper, the analyzer uses one multi-test sensor cassette and one calibration solution pack. Consumables can be stored at room temperature, and cassettes are available in various parameter and volume configurations.
     The large color screen simplifies set up of the customizable software. Programmable user access levels effectively control use, and several QA options ensure results integrity. Large software icons support instrument use by less experienced users at the point of care.
     With its Windows CE platform and built-in serial port, the system is network-ready to allow easy connection to the HIS/LIS for automatic data upload, maximizing data security. It will be possible to interface with Radiance, an analyzer and data management system from this company, in order to monitor and support this analyzer remotely by lab personnel.
Keyword: blood gas, analyzer